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Re: updated iceweasel firefox now hijacked from homepage to ads!

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 00:28:14 -0500, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> Hi,
> With my latest upgrade on sid to iceweasel i now have my firefox opening up to
> some hijacked web site called 
> http://firefox/ 
> which is a advertising site and it tries to popup open 
> http://ads1.revenue.net/load/227700/index.html?0_R_NUM=9563354...
> how to get rid of this annoying behavior and open to my local homepage (achieved by manually hitting 
> the house icon on the menu bar...).

I think you have two issues: The first one is a known bug of the latest
iceweasel version; see for example the report

#412344: A start-up page is http://firefox/

As far as I can tell, this overrides any kind of setting that you can
make (homepage, start with blank page, etc.) Since the bug is known I
hope it will be fixed soon.

The fact that you get served ads must be related to your ISP which seems
to redirect unresolvable host names to some advertisement site. This
might be a good moment to look into the adblock extension in combination
with filterset.G and/or a filtering proxy such as privoxy. (I also see
the http://firefox/ problem but I just get a "no such domain"
notification from privoxy.)


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