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Re: Same Questions? (REALLY OT: News Flash)

On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 12:53 -0800, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> these OT threads are just the water-cooler break after a long morning
> of churning out widgets. We all get together and thump on each other
> for a while before getting back to work. It keeps the interest up for
> those of us who spend a lot of time on here answering the same
> questions over and over...

What do you mean? I've never seen the same questions over and over and
over and over and over and over again.

Especially not about VMware or Smooth upgrades... Especially not
anything about Burning a sponge in a microwave. Maybe one or two
questions about proprietary video card binary blobs... but that is it.
All I see mostly now, are very well thought out, well written, eloquent
and unique questions. Of course about new, never seen before and
challenging problems.

> right?


greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

Novell's Directory Services is a competitive product to Microsoft's
Active Directory in much the same way that the Saturn V is a competitive
product to those dinky little model rockets that kids light off down at
the playfield. -- Thane Walkup

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