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Re: A Republican!!!!!! (was Re: OT: sponge burning!)

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Wulfy wrote:
>> point is that TMI  and Chernobyl were accidents.  Sellafield isn't.
>> Nuclear policy overrides safety when it's "convenient" -
> Question really is how many well run plants are out there.  So far we
> have, what, 3 plants named here as bad.  Ok, out of how many?  If it were
> 3 for 3 that would be a problem.  But 3 of 3000 would be a slightly
> different picture, no?

Then there's Trojan, which built on a bad foundation that caused cores and
pretty much everything else to crack from the day it was opened.  A safety
record so notorious it became the basis for Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
in The Simpsons.  Not long after it came online, it was a candidate for

Portland General Electric dynamited the cooling tower last fall, about ten
years after the plant went offline and it's core buried in a salt flat in
the Oregon desert.

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