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Re: audio recorder in linux ... what's its name?

Howard Eisenberger wrote:
On 2007-02-25, H.S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:

I remember there is an application to record audio (mic or line-in) and IIRC it had the X11 interface. What I also remember is the level meters it had, they were two dials, one for each channel, and had needles showing the levels (something like a speedometer on dashboards of a vehicle). But I can't remember the application's name. Can anyone help?

Maybe snd, which looks like this:



Howard E.

Looks a bit different than what I recall from the distant past ... but maybe it has changed since. Will try it out.

BTW, I just wanted to try it again just to get a kick out seeing the needle swinging with the rythm :)

I am using audacity at present to record a live event. It is going quite nicely so far.


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