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Re: OT: sponge burning!

s. keeling wrote:

> John Kerry.     # aka political washout.  Served with distinction
>                 # (last I heard).
> George Bush II  # Served, well sort of, National Guard, was
>                 # elected (kinda, sorta) Pres.
> Hillary Clinton # Ha!  Chyaa, right.  Ha, ha, haaa, ha, haaa!
> Obama           # Uh ...  Seems a decent sort, though.
> How about electing only people who've had nothing to do with
> invading innocent bystanders?

I wouldn't be quite so quick to eliminate Hillary.  After 8 years of hard
right-wing rule, name recognition alone could get her elected like it did
Bush.  If I were her, I'd concentrate more on demonstrating that she has
more of a penis than Bill does if she's to overcome the sizable misogynist

> [What this has to do with Debian, or Free Software, or computing at
> all's beyond me.  BTW, I'm a Canuck, so I'm irrelevant.]

Well, until American policy taints Canadian policy, like is the case with
the border situation.

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