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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
> > <wishful thinking>
> >    I like a good digression as well as the next person, probably better
> > than most, but this is ridiculous.  I'd love to see this go over to
> > rants@lists.debian.org.  Could someone set it up, please?
> > </wishful thinking>
> > 
> >    Thank you for your attention.  You may now return to your
> > previously-scheduled demagoguery.
> You do know about "ignore thread" right?

  I have to take Max's side on this one... Some of the messages in this
thread have been *really* interesting, but by having it on a mailing list
where newbies come for debian help, it's GREATLY increasing the noise:signal
ratio for people who don't know about "ignore thread" or other such things.
It doesn't bother me personally (like I said I've found some of the messages
in this thread quite interesting... and if I don't feel like paying
attention I can just hit "delete"), but it does bother me to think that
people who subscribe to this list to learn more about debian are being
spammed about other completely irrelevant stuff. Besides that, having to set
up email filters like that is a disruption to peoples' debian workflow.

  Maybe a "debian-chat" list would be a good thing! We're all part of the
debian community, and it's good for communities to socialize, and having a
place for debian people where "anything goes" would help free this list up
for actual discussions about using debian again. I know that if such a list
was set up, *I* would subscribe to it.


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