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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

Ron Johnson wrote:
I recently discovered the debian-goodies package, which has
the *incredibly* useful app "checkrestart".  Run it after you
upgrade (and restart X) to see what is still using old file
versions.  Using kill or a slightly off-named script in /etc/init.d,
you should be able make all running daemons "find" new library files.


Brilliant! It tells even me which init scripts to run. After running the init restart scripts I am left with these:

       24799   /usr/sbin/apache2
       24798   /usr/sbin/apache2
       24791   /usr/sbin/apache2
       24802   /usr/sbin/apache2
       24801   /usr/sbin/apache2
       24800   /usr/sbin/apache2

If I kill these processes, apache does not deliver any pages until I restart apache2. But, checkrestart then finds the new processes are again using old versions:

   Found 9 processes using old versions of upgraded files
   (1 distinct programs)
   (1 distinct packages)

Of these, 0 seem to contain init scripts which can be used to restart them:

   Here are the others:
       26027   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26017   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26012   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26018   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26019   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26020   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26026   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26021   /usr/sbin/apache2
       26028   /usr/sbin/apache2

Any idea why checkrestart is reporting old versions again?


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