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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

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On 02/20/07 15:13, andy wrote:
> Hi all
> Potentially a dumb query but I just don't know, and there doesn't seem
> to be any documented discussion I can read, so pls humor me on this:
> after Etch has done its daily update via update mngr, is it generally
> considered a wise thing to reboot the computer to check the take or can
> one have a reasonably good degree of confidence that as far as is
> reasonable to predict, all will be well?

Excellent policy question.

Obviously you need to reboot when upgrading the kernel. :)

You should restart the GUI system whenever you upgrade any of the
GUI subsystem.  (This does *not* include client apps like Evolution,
Iceweasel, etc, etc.)

apt/aptitude will auto-restart most daemons as they are upgraded.

When upgrading libc6, it's easiest to "refresh" everything by rebooting.

However, I recently discovered the debian-goodies package, which has
the *incredibly* useful app "checkrestart".  Run it after you
upgrade (and restart X) to see what is still using old file
versions.  Using kill or a slightly off-named script in /etc/init.d,
you should be able make all running daemons "find" new library files.

This should really boost your system uptime scores!

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