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Re: OT processes and cpu use

On 2007-02-20, Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
>> I don't doubt that you've got a pretty light-weight setup there, but
>> you haven't mentioned anything that requires you to run X yet... :)
>> just pointing it out. 
> Even if he shut down X, he isn't going to see any speedup. He's
> already using all the CPU.

Actually, I do pop into firefox and xpdf once in a while to check a
reference, which is not possible without X, but your point is well
made. I should get more comfortable managing multiple processes from a
single terminal, as an alternative to alt-tab bouncing around xterms. 

I tried running Paup in an xterm outside of emacs, and it showed the
same split between user and system cpu%, which actually fluctuates
between almost 99%us and +/-20%us. So whatever it's doing, it's not
because of emacs. 

I also checked the paup output itself, which is more informative than
I realized. It appears to examine about 35,000,000 trees a minute
under either configuration (xterm or inside emacs), so that doesn't
seem to make much difference there. After a "nine hour" timed analysis
analysis it reported having used only 8:48 of CPU time. This was while
I was working on some trees from previous analyses with Inkscape, so I
guess I can live with the lost 12 minutes in that case.

I think you guys have confirmed my suspicion that I'm not going to
gain too much by stripping down any further, at least not if I'm going
to continue to work on this machine while the analysis runs. Thanks
for the informative responses, it's reassuring for those of us working
in the isolation of our own homes to get a bit of feedback!


Tyler Smit

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