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Re: OT processes and cpu use

On 2007-02-19, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:
> All I can
> suggest is that you eliminate *every* process that you don't need in
> order to do your thing. If you're running emacs -nw, then you  must be
> running X in some form, do you need it? If not, get rid of it -- X
> will on occaision demand some cpu. If it works out to a couple % over
> a couple days, you're looking at an h our or so.=20

Thanks for the suggestion. As I'm working with one machine I do
eliminate all processes I don't need, but I keep X, fluxbox, and a
terminal or two open so I can work on my thesis in emacs while I'm
waiting for paup to run. I imagine if I reconfig my startup stuff I
could login without X, start running paup, then start X while I'm
working, and kill X when I'm done, leaving paup undisturbed. I'll take
a look at this. Thanks!


Tyler Smit

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