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Re: OT processes and cpu use

On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 09:56:26PM +0000, Tyler Smith wrote:
> Hi,


> I have a general question about processes in GNU/Linux. I'm working
> with PAUP, which is a command-line tool for calculating phylogenies
> from various data types (gene sequencies, proteins etc.). This sort of
> analysis routinely takes hours to days of processing. I find it is
> convenient to run paup in *shell* mode inside emacs -nw, allowing me to
> easily yank commands from various files into the paup process.
> When I check with top, it appears that paup is using 99% of the CPU
> when I do this, which is as it should be. I just wanted to check with

If your process is already taking the whole cpu, i don't see how you
could improve its performance. 

> more experienced people to verify that running paup from within emacs
> is not going to incur a performance hit. The analysis I have running
> at the moment (heuristic search) will take more than 5 hours, and if

if you're really looking at many days of processing, it may be worth
your while to run some test in different configurations and timing
them. Saving a few % here and there maybe worthwhile. All I can
suggest is that you eliminate *every* process that you don't need in
order to do your thing. If you're running emacs -nw, then you  must be
running X in some form, do you need it? If not, get rid of it -- X
will on occaision demand some cpu. If it works out to a couple % over
a couple days, you're looking at an h our or so. 



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