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Re: why not try lilypond

David Baron wrote:
On Friday 16 February 2007, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
I have not seen anyone in this thread suggest lilypond ?

I cannot pretend to be an expert, but its results for me so far are
really quite delightful.  Documentation is very good.  It does guitar
TABS and all that sort of thing.

I have not tried it. However, it is the best. However, one must master its markup language and hand edit everything. No WYSIWYG. There are some GUI editors around but they simply highlight the markup for you.

There are several GUI notation programs around opensource. Or one could run windows and lay out the bread for Sibelius.

The notation programs 'noteedit', and 'denemo' (in particular), will export lilypond source.

'noteedit' is a more traditional, mouse selection, style of interface, while 'denemo' is oriented toward computer keyboard (not midi though it is supported, IIRC) input (keys a-g are used to create the notes on the staff, for example). But both produce graphical representations of the music being created/edited.

Generally, I prefer denemo, for reasons related to typing, but both do work OK.


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