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Re gpm and swapping mouse buttons [ was: Re: old hardware, newer Debian [SOLVED]]

Mike McClain wrote:
From: mockingbird@ihug.co.nz (Chris Bannister)
Subject: Re: old hardware, newer Debian [SOLVED]

Any idea why my gpm mouse doesn't work at the CL after starting X until
after stopping and starting it a couple of times? It is only a problem right after starting X, then once it's working properly at the CL I can switch back and forth between X and the CL with no more problems.
Does this help: http://bugs.debian.org/233933
also http://dman13.dyndns.org/~dman/config_docs/gpm-X/node3.html

Thanks for the pointers Chris, these are about using /dev/gpmdata which
I wasn't doing and I tried it the suggested way and now don't have to restart gpm when switching from X to the CLI but the mouse buttons are
no longer swapped in X. I'll either have to figure out how to do that
in X or have to relearn the mouse button to function map.
Appreciate your help though.

In the file /etc/gpm.conf, add or modify the append line this way:

    append='-B 321'

This swaps the mouse buttons when in a console using gpm directly.

I also had to change my GUI mouse settings, swapping the buttons there as well.


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