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Re: wide screen problem

On Tuesday, 20. February 2007 01:34, Chen ZongZong(George) wrote:
> Lots and Lots of Linux users has adopted wide screen monitor(e.g. 1440*900
> resolution for 19')
> But debian 4.0 test edition hasn't resolved the display problem.  Wish the
> standard distribution
> can correctly detected the adapter type(like Intel G946, 810 set) and wide
> screen monitor type.
> Thank you!
> George Chen

The problem is that the intel graphic bios does not report the 16:10 modes.

With the G945 chipset you cant try the resolution915 package to set the 
correct resolution. Another possibility can be the i810-modesetting driver 
from unstable.

Since I have a G965 I couldn't use any of theses, so I have not tested them. I 
have backported the current version of the intel modesetting driver (and the 
current intel agp driver). With these backported drivers I am successfully 
running 1920X1200.


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