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Re: What are the two roots in grub?

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:

> Perhaps the simple solution to the original problem is to install etch 
> from scratch rather than try to upgrade sarge.

I think it is. Until recently I had two sarge systems which are now
etch. One I fucked up beyond repair, and on that one I did a new etch
install. That went without a hitch. The other I upgraded, and even
though nothing really went wrong, the upgrade took a much longer time
and my hair stood on end some more. Mostly because of screens upon
screens of error messages whizzing by during repeated "aptitude upgrade"
runs, myriads of packages being first removed (allegedly "as requested"
by me) and then magically re-installed during later aptitude runs etc.
The only difference between a clean new install and an upgrade is that
during the upgrade (hopefully) your config files stay intact, and, more
importantly, are automatically updated if the file structure has changed
between releases. But since I have only very few homemade things in /etc
I prefer a clean new install and then carefully restoring config files
from backup.

And reformatting the system partition is faster than the cumulative
deinstallation of hundreds of packages.

I wonder what will happen to all those people who have their apt sources
pointing at stable when they do an "aptitude update && aptitude upgrade"
when etch has become stable overnight.

In any case, make sure you have /home in a separate partition.


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