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Re: Firefox/Iceweasel's weird close/quit behaviour

Joe Hart wrote:
> KS wrote:
>> Long time ago Firefox used to behave like a normal Linux application
>> with regards to keyboard shortcuts to close/quit the application.
>> However, somewhere during the 1.5.x release or with 2.0, the Ctrl+Q does
>> not do anything. Ctrl+W closes one tab at a time only and Ctrl+Shift+W
>> quits the application (with more than 1 tabs open also).
>> Why is it that it does not follow the *normal* keyboard shortcut of
>> Ctrl+Q for quitting the application? All the applications that I used
>> with either KDE or GNOME have Ctrl+Q as the shortcut to quit
>> application. Am I missing something while expecting that Firefox should
>> also behave like the others on Linux at least?
> You have to consider that Firefox's main target is Windows, not Linux.
> Actually, according to the mozilla documentation, they specifically
> write code that is portable, and even has guidelines on how to do it.
> That being said, the program is different, only in slight ways between a
>  Windows version and a Unix version.  You can press ctrl-w to close a
> window (current tab).  Pressing the same key when only one window is
> open will exit the program.
> Koqueror, the all-in-one file manager and browser, on the the other hand
> follows the same rule to close the windows, however ctrl-w will not
> close the program, nor will ctrl-q.  Sadly to say, you're going to have
> to get used to new shortkuts, or you can download the source code and
> change the shortcuts and recompile.
> Alt-F4 (the Windows shortcut for closing a program) works on both.
> Joe

Even the not-open source Opera uses the usual shortcuts.

I agree that Firefox's main target is Windows but still if they can give
Linux builds the Preferences menu under Edit as opposed to Tools >
Preferences under Windose, Ctrl+Q shouldn't be that big a change for
their auto build system.


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