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[Debian-User] Xen Debian Package Management

Re: http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/  is the Xen Wiki front page.
The following information may be a partial answer to some of the questions on the Debian-User list regarding obtaining a Debian friendly package as well as the difficulties encountered.

Ian (one of the leading developers of Xen) has made some comments on the lists about "a concerted, organised group effort on debian packaging and documentation," so I (the wiki page creator) created this page in the hopes that the various people on the lists (and off) who have offered to help would check in and leave a brief note about what they might like to do. I know it's not very elaborate, but it's a starting point.

This is the WIKI page of direct impact to Debian Users:

I will see if I can obtain the current status on LIVE Xen CDs as well as the trial Xen Debian packages and their whereabouts. The wiki appears not to have changed since 2006 and the following references were in effect in 2005.
Xen 3.0.0 Packages are available from packages.debianbase.de. The source compiles on 32bit & 64bit and there is an extra source archiv for a 32bit pae version!

Ralph Passgang's sources are here:




Binary packages can be found here:





(Please replace sarge with sid or etch, if you don't use the debian sarge release).


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