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Re: OT processes and cpu use

On 2/19/07, Tyler Smith <tyler.smith@mail.mcgill.ca> wrote:
When I check with top, it appears that paup is using 99% of the CPU
when I do this, which is as it should be. I just wanted to check with
more experienced people to verify that running paup from within emacs
is not going to incur a performance hit. The analysis I have running
at the moment (heuristic search) will take more than 5 hours, and if
that works properly I'll be continuing on with a follow-up (bootstrap)
that will take several days, so tweaking performance is a non-trivial

You can examine the performance hit pretty directly.  If you've got a
sufficiently short job (on the order of an hour or two), you can try
running it both within and apart from emacs.  For a one hour job,
every minute extra that it takes in emacs should translate to about
two hours over a five-day job.  That's assuming that everything scales
nicely, of course.  You might also want to run once outside of emacs
and check top -- you might be incurring more context switches when
running in emacs, or incurring more page faults, which could account
for the high proportion of system time.

Michael A. Marsh

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