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Re: It's a simple question....

On 18 Feb 2007, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Justin Hartman wrote:
> > Wouldn't the Debian Live CD work as a better option?
>     Not really.  Since Debian has so many different release architectures they
> really don't push automatic detection and configuration as far as the splinter
> distributions which focus mostly on the x86 architecture.  A good example is
> Wireless USBNICs.  I had one that Debian could not detect and utilize.  I
> tried KUbuntu and it detected it, configured it and had it running with barely
> a hiccup.  I then knew it was possible for Debian to do it, I would just have
> to do the legwork that KUbuntu's stuff did for me.
Yes, this was why I suggested it. When I got a new Thinkpad Z61M
recently I couldn't get either sound or wirless to work. After much help
both here and elsewhere I was still no further on, but Ubuntu recognized
both immediately.

Subsequently the CD drive on the machine stopped working but that's
another story ...


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