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Re: Unable to switch session from GDM

Ken Heard wrote:

> Damodharan R wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using Debain Unstable.  I have a problem with GDM. It always starts
>> GNOME no matter what other session I choose. I tried to change the
>> session to KDE using the session menu provided in GDM during login. But
>> invariably I end up in GNOME.
>> GDM Version
>> ii  gdm                       2.16.4-1                  GNOME Display
>> Manager
>> damu@kanini:~$ ls /usr/share/xsessions/
>> Beryl.desktop  gnome.desktop  kde.desktop  lg.desktop
>> All these four are showing up in the menu. I had a look at the
>> /etc/gdm/gdm.conf. But it has empty sections! Please help me to get this
>> session stuff working.
> I had the same problem.  First, you have to have kde and kdm installed.
> Next, you have to remove desktop-base, if you have it.  I am not sure
> whether this package does anything useful; all I know is that it
> replaces the kde login manager opening screen with one of its own and
> prevents implementation of some of the options in the kde control
> centre.  I don't understand why it is included in the basic packages
> installed by the Etch installer; as it obviates choice, one of the
> ostensible virtues of Debian.
> Third, you should run as root the "update-alternatives --config"
> command three times (space between the s in alternatives and first dash
> before config), each time with the following applications in turn (space
> between the end of config and the argument): x-session-manager,
> x-terminal-emulator and x-window-manager.
> Each of these three commands will produce a sort of menu whereby you
> can chose the kde command to start each one of these applications.  The
> three kde choices for each one are, in turn: /usr/bin/startkde,
> /usr/bin/konsole and /usr/bin/kwin.  These may already be set for you as
> a result of installing kde and kdm.  If not, and you want the kde
> application to start rather than any other, gnome being only one of the
> other choices, change them yourself as described.
> From the kde control centre you can configure the kde login manager and
> much else besides.  Some of the changes will not take effect unless you
> restart your user session, or even possibly not until after rebooting
> the computer.
> Finally, when all is done you can remove gdm, the
> gnome-desktop-environment and other gnome packages as well.
> Ken Heard
> Toronto, Canada
I am running GDM under Debian Etch and previously and have never had any
trouble logging into KDE
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