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Re: External monitor on Laptop

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the suggestion - this works in Windows (Fn+F8) and seemed
to have no effect in Linux when I pressed it.

However after your suggestion I did some searching on the web and
found this post:


I have found the exact thing - if am not using X, Fn+F8 indeed does
work.  However as soon as I return to X, the display returns to both
monitors again.

Must be getting closer but still haven't come up with the magic solution...



Bob McGowan wrote:

On the laptops I've used, this is a feature of the laptop hardware.
Some of the function keys have special purposes, when used with an extra
key, often marked in a different color from the rest of the keys.

For example, on my Sony VAIO, there's a special key, with a blue "Fn"
imprinted on it, and several function keys with blue icons, with various
functions, such as setting the display to be LCD, Video out, or both.

I'm not aware of any software activated switching feature to do this.



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