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Re: flash plugin

On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 05:17:49PM +0100, Joe Hart wrote:
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> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > 
> > as has already been mentioned, just grab the tarball and install it
> > yourself.
> > 
> > But, you have reminded me... the release went final but the debian
> > package hasn't been updated so it 1) can't find the file for download
> > and 2) if you manually download it and rename it, it can't install
> > because the md5 sum doesn't match... I'm off to check the bug reports
> > and file one if needed.
> > 
> > A
> Why are you all making such a big deal of this?  If you're using
> IceWeasel, all you have to do it hit any webpage that uses flash
> (http://distrowatch.com for example) and click on the install missing
> plugin icon.  It will install Flash 9.0... at least it did for me.

because if someone wants to set up a shiny new etch machine for
mom/wife*/kid/whoever they want to install as much of that stuff as
possible up front to minimise later "help-desk" calls. And if
installing flash doesn't work out the door, then they have to jump
through more hoops to make it work. Not to mention -- debian rocks and
we hate to see anything tarnish its reputation! :)


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