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Stupid Noob Question: Surfing the 'Testing' edge

Hi Debian gurus,

I jumped aboard the Debian bandwagon mid-Sarge, and so that's the version of Debian that our machines are currently running. As Etch nears it's completion I've been preparing for the upgrade from Sarge to Etch. Since I'm still pretty new to Debian, I'm a little iffy when it comes to understanding parts of the the Sarge=stable, Etch=testing, Sid=unstable implementation behind Debian development. Specifically, I've seen several warnings now about making sure to change "testing" to "etch" in /etc/apt/sources.lst once Etch goes stable. (For testing purposes I've just always left it "etch".) But what if what I want is to keep our machines at "testing"? It seems to have the latest and grooviest versions of stuff. So how badly would I be shooting myself in the foot if I changed "etch" to "testing" in /etc/apt/sources.lst and just left it that way?


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