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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian (was Re: Introduction)

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
So Ubuntu in effect Freezes the release sooner and then just does bug fixes
until they figure it is stable enough, whereas Debian doesn't freeze
testing untill more stuff is ready?
No. Ubuntu takes a snapshot, then does bugfixes/modifications for a specific timeframe, then a week or two before the release date they freeze and do bugfixes. There are set schedules to meet, hence the version numbers (it is always the year and month). They were actually two months late with Dapper (6.04) because it was deemed to be their Long Term Support edition, they needed extra time for the bug fixing. Edgy was on time (6.10), Feisty (7.04) should be released in April on schedule and it has a long way to go in the two and a half months. At least they were smart enough to drop adding Beryl to it. Beryl is nice to look at be severely unstable.


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