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Re: when in doubt wipe it out

Jude DaShiell wrote:
> If you buy a computer and you have any doubt at all in your mind as 
> to the legality of the copy of windows that is already on the 
> machine's hard drive, erase entire hard drive and install Debian on 
> machine.

So, what? We are on a debian user list and not on a legal support forum
for 'how can I find out, if my copy of a proprietary OS is valid or not?'

> After that, install a drive sled in your machine and install windows 
> on a separate hard drive in its own sled. This way when you want to
> use Linux windows won't mess with it.

Wrong: It is normally no problem to have more than one OS on one hard
disk without problems -- be it linux or propietary. Just install grub or
another boot manager and select which OS you would like to boot.


NB: Normally I wouldn't answer such mails. But this should not stay in
the archives both wrong and left uncommented.

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