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Re: I have a question...

Danesh Daroui wrote:
> Zero Hiroshi wrote:
>> I just want to know if the Debian OS is compatible with Windows XP. I use XP on my laptop, and I have an application that wont work right because my laptop doesnt have have the HAL device, which is a .deb file. I need to open it using Debian, without losing anything on my computer.
>> Please respond as soon as you can. 
>> Thank you.
>> -SA Gallo
>> United States Navy
> You can run a Windows program on Debian or any other Linux system using
> Windows emulator on Linux called "WINE".

* Only on "Intel-flavored" machines (which is applicable in this case).

* WINE is beta software, and not all Win apps run well, or even at all,
although many do.

Zero's original question doesn't really make sense. He's running Windows
XP, not Debian, and has "an application that won't work right because
his laptop doesn't have the HAL device".

What does that mean?

Zero, you really need to provide more information, such as the name of
the program you're trying to run. If it's a .deb file, it won't run from
within Windows; did someone tell you to run this .deb file, or what? How
did you get the information that your this .deb file needs a HAL device;
what are you doing to generate any errors referring to HAL, and what do
the errors say exactly?

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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