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Re: I have a question...

Danesh Daroui wrote:
Zero Hiroshi wrote:
I just want to know if the Debian OS is compatible with Windows XP. I use XP on my laptop, and I have an application that wont work right because my laptop doesnt have have the HAL device, which is a .deb file. I need to open it using Debian, without losing anything on my computer.
Please respond as soon as you can. Thank you.

-SA Gallo
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You can run a Windows program on Debian or any other Linux system using
Windows emulator on Linux called "WINE". If you have installed Debian in
the terminal type:

apt-get install wine

and then, in order to run your Windows program type:

wine yourwindowsprogram

it will work fine and will successfully emulate Windows programs to run
under Linus.



I wouldn't mislead people with that. Wine is just a compatibility layer, and not an amazing one at that. I mean, it works fine, but it has very tight limits to what it can do.

If the file's a .deb you can install it natively by running /dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb/, or you can open the .deb file with the program /gdeb/.

Debian doesn't run within WinXP though, the only thing you can do is run it alongside WinXP. And if you install a .deb file in Debian it /shouldn't/ effect your WinXP partition. Contact the manufacturer and ask them if they have an exe of the installer, as opposed to a deb. Even though I do think that install files should be made in multiple extensions (exe, deb, rpm) I also think that a manufacturer shouldn't lock out a whole world of users (WinXP) just because of their personal prejudices.

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