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Two Questions: SID

Need suggestions for question (1), and just a brief response to question (2). (1): Preparing to install Matrox QID Pro video card in Tyan ThunderK7 2468UGN (scsi) / 2@ Athlon MP 2400+ / 3g ecc reg. sdram / 5 scsi hard drives / Matrox G450-32m video /etc..... Debian SID - 2.6.18-5k7-smp (when that kernel chooses to boot [which the last week has become a literal hang up] otherwise revert to 2.6.18-486 [which boots nicely but is loaded down when using java and Iceweasel ]. The video card is PCI-X 64bit (which the motherboard supposedly supports in one slot connector. Anyway, the question: Any suggestions or fond words of advice such as possible "gotcha's" one should expect? (2): I notice that the SID kernel -image packages do not seem to be getting the frequent updates that I remember was the norm a year ago or so ago. Any ideas? Or do I need a special apt repository?
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