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Re: Mount or mount-aes

On Thursday 01 February 2007, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> > The latest and greatest ddclient on Sid wants initscripts which wants
> > mount. mount conflicts with mount-aes which replaces mount.
> >
> > So this upgrade would replace the mount-aes currently installed with
> > mount.
> >
> > The dialog talks about removing mount-aes is something that should not be
> > done (but mount provides the same tools).
> >
> > Which one should be kept?
> What is mount-aes and where did you get it? There is no Debian package
> with this name.
> If it is a mount for loop-AES, then you should use the loop-aes-utils
> package, which doesn't conflict with mount.

That may answer the question. That mount-aie might ooollllddd (though the 
version number is similar to that of mount). This installation started out 
with a knoppix HD install so maybe this was theirs.

So should I simply upgrade the ddclient and this will install Debian's mount 
and be done with it.

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