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Re: The Final Frontier. Upgrading Sarge to Etch

Just upgraded mine. I've been fearing that upgrade as the report for the upgrade showed hundreds of packages to be removed. What I did was copy the current installation to another disk, made it bootable so I have the original disk intact.

Ran the update and dist-upgrade many times, including installing the new kernel 2.6.18 to get the udev stuff. After a while I finally reached the point where no packages were being removed, added updated, etc and the installation works fine. I have a post labeled 'Debian testing, alsa and cups' in here somewhere that is a request for help
to find a couple of relatively minor problems (but annoying).

The test was what would happen if I just ran the upgrade and see if a bootable system resulted, and it worked. Unfortunately I don't keep good records so I can't give a step by step. I did follow a procedure I found somewhere in the documentation that recommended some updates prior to the upgrade. The Aptitude was one of them. Also, one of the responders to my post mentioned above had a link to
a procedure that also may help.

Have fun.

Dave Sherohman wrote:
On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 07:43:31AM -0500, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
Backup is essential. I've tried to do an upgrade from sarge to etch several times over the past year, and have yet to do one that resulted in a working system. I found a new install works better, but even there I have problems.

Funny, I thought one of the big advantages of Debian over most other
distros is that you *don't* need to reinstall when a new version comes
out.  What's the deal with etch, then?  Debian's not jumping on the
'reinstall for every upgrade' bandwagon, is it?

(And I ask this from a system which has been through slink, potato,
woody, and is currently on sarge, all without needing a reinstall.)



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