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Re: The Final Frontier. Upgrading Sarge to Etch

On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 10:38:43PM +0100, Nigel Henry wrote:
> I have 3 Debian installs apart from Kubuntu. Each one was originally installed 
> from Woody 3.0r2 cdroms. All 3 were upgraded to Sarge which was on testing at 
> the time (there were a few problems). When Sarge went stable I kept 2 of the 
> installs on stable, and the 3rd I left on testing, which is my current Etch 
> install. I've now changed /etc/apt/sources for Etch,to Etch, rather than 
> testing, as Etch is soon to become stable, and the 2 Sarge installs I'd 
> changed from stable to Sarge. One Sarge install I'm about to change from 
> Sarge to Etch, which is the one I'm attempting to upgrade to Etch. This will 
> be fun.
> I've copied /etc/cache/apt/archives from etch to the sarge install that I'm 
> going to upgrade, so as to to save a bit of DL time, as I'm on dialup.
> I'd love to have a backup  of the Sarge install, but have never been quite 
> sure how to take it . I've read a bit about rdiff, but have never tried it.

Backup is essential.  I've tried to do an upgrade from sarge to etch 
several times over the past year, and have yet to do one that resulted 
in a working system.  I found a new install works better, but even there 
I have problems.

Mind you, my eldest son says my computer is cursed.  He's never had any 
such problems on *his* wonderful box.

-- hendrik

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