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Re: The Final Frontier. Upgrading Sarge to Etch

Nigel Henry wrote:
[...] One Sarge install I'm about to change from Sarge to Etch, which is the one I'm attempting to upgrade to Etch. This will be fun. I've copied /etc/cache/apt/archives from etch to the sarge install that I'm going to upgrade, so as to to save a bit of DL time, as I'm on dialup.

I'd love to have a backup of the Sarge install, but have never been quite sure how to take it . I've read a bit about rdiff, but have never tried it.

If you want a backup of your Sarge paartition(s) as an image so that you can reinstall your original Sarge and start again, use Partimage. Unfortunately, this is not available in Sarge. A backport seems to be available from apt-get.org, or you could download and compile it yourself from http://www.partimage.org. (There is also a liveCD version here which may suit you better.)

Anyway I'm going for it. The main concern is the transition from Xfree86 to Xorg. I'll just have to see how that goes.

It may be worth looking at the 5 steps to a sane upgrade from Sarge to Etch - http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/wiki/Aptitude_-_using_together_with_Synaptic_and_Apt-get#Upgrading_from_Sarge_to_Etch


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