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Re: New server: Sarge or Etch?

On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 09:33:03AM +0000, Marco De Vitis wrote:
> Hi,
> in the next few days I'll have to replace an old server running Debian 
> Sarge with a new machine, and I was wondering: maybe I should directly 
> install Etch on it, now that it almost reached its "stable" status?
This depends on how new your new hardware is. I'd be tempted to install
Etch straight away - there _will_ be an Etch release soon :)

> I know I could install Sarge and then upgrade to Etch afterwards, but a 
> previous upgrade from Woody to Sarge was not totally successful, so I'd 
> prefer to avoid this, if possible.

The upgrade process is well documented - but there were a lot of changes 
(XFree -> Xorg, udev, kernel 2.6 by default) - so it may be easier to 
install from scratch.

> It's a production server so stability is important, although it mostly 
> serves as a Samba PDC and file sharing machine, mailserver only for 
> internal (LAN) mail, and some other minor stuff (HTTP, Jabber...).

Having been running Etch for many months, application stability is good.
This will also bring you the Firefox -> Iceweasel change which means 
that you will be running the equivalent to Firefox 2.0. Go for it :)

> Thanks.
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> Ciao,
>   Marco.
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