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liquidwar/liballegro4.2 error?


I have used the allegro library, but always compiled from source to get the latest version (which works fine). Now - when trying out the debian package I get the following error when trying programs using it:

$ liquidwar
liquidwar: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/liballeg.so.4.2: undefined symbol: _colorconv_blit_16_to_8

(The same thing when trying the allegro-demo package.)

Though - I do have the source version (downloaded 4.21 from the allegro webpage) installed, and after that the liballegro4.2 deb installed. Is this a case of the packages colliding in some way, or is it a problem with the debian packaged version of allegro and thus worthy of a bug-report?

So - in short - could someone who hasn't played around with the upstream source of allegro try if any of the packages dependant on liballegro4.2 works?


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