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Re: best log checker

Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca>:
>  On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 02:55:12AM +0000, s. keeling wrote:
> > Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca>:
> > 
> > >  I've tried logcheck first and when I couldn't get it to do what I want I
> > >  tried logwatch.  It has an ignore file that it says to just cut and

Ah, crap.  Sorry for misreading that.

>  Why doesn't someone make a companion interactive rule maker?  Run it in

   i)  This is free software.  Go right ahead.  :-)  Some of the
       neatest stuff came into being because someone felt an itch they
       couldn't scratch.  It's probably a very difficult problem to
       solve, though.

  ii)  Unix-ish OSs have a steep learning curve.  The curve pays off
       with extraordinary power.

Regular expressions aren't difficult to master.  The biggest problem
I've found with them is subsets of them.  Shell RE's, perl RE's, awk,
...  Some work in all of them, some work in only one of them, some
work differently in each.  It can be confusing, but it's really not
that hard.

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