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best log checker

I'm trying to find a good log checker.

Basically, I want it to report anything that I don't tell it to ignore.

I've tried logcheck first and when I couldn't get it to do what I want I
tried logwatch.  It has an ignore file that it says to just cut and
paste what you want to ignore.  I do that and it doesn't ignore it.
Some docs mention that its all based on regular expressions so I tried
enclosing the lines in quotes to no avial.

I do neither perl nor RE: they're both too cryptic.  I guess I'll never
be a true *N*X weenie.

I _like_ most of what logwatch does, like telling me how many times a
login happened, especially failed ones.  I just don't like to have to
pour through all the bootup lines every day.

If I don't find anything else, I'll disable this portion of logwatch and
go back to my brute-force python script for parsing syslog.

I'm running Etch amd64 on an Athlon.  

What do others use?



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