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Re: Default firewall in etch

Em Qui, 2007-02-01 às 07:32 -0500, Marc D Ronell escreveu:
> Hi,
> Thanks for all  of the suggestions.  Isn't there  a *default* firewall
> install  when  you  setup  a  basic  version of  etch?   If  I  didn't
> specifically  install  a  firewall,  does  that  mean  that  there  is
> currently no firewall setup?

If you installed only the services you need, there is no need for a
firewall for a PC, you only need some iptables set-up if you use your
computer as a firewall for some LAN. 

In my opinion the Debian position: no personal firewall is the correct
one. It avoids a LOT of problems when you install a new service which
does not seem to bea ccesible, just because of a stupid automatic
iptables configuration.


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