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Re: Outlook clients and Linux Debian

On 2/1/07, Ottavio Caruso <pr0f3ss0r1492@yahoo.com> wrote:
--- Hervé Piedvache <bill.footcow@gmail.com> wrote:
> My Outlook users would like to share their calendars ... in fact
> What kind of solution could I find to this stuff under a Debian
> Linux
> service ?

Why not Sunbird? You fill find it at mozilla.org.
I haven't found it at packages.debian.org.
Surely it must have been renamed mooncock or snowrat, for legal

LOL :D :D :D

I remember sunbird, and it gave me an idea...

atis@atis:/var/projects$ aptitude search sunbird
p   opensync-plugin-sunbird
  - Opensync Mozilla Calendar(Sunbird) plugin
atis@atis:/var/projects$ aptitude search opensync
v   libopensync-dev                                                       -
p   libopensync0
  - Synchronisation framework for email/pdas/and more
p   libopensync0-dbg
  - Debug symbols for libopensync0
p   libopensync0-dev
  - Headers and static libraries for libopensync
p   opensync-plugin-evolution
  - Evolution plugin for opensync
p   opensync-plugin-file
  - Opensync file plugin
p   opensync-plugin-google-calendar
  - Opensync Google Calendar plugin
p   opensync-plugin-irmc
  - IrMC plugin for opensync
p   opensync-plugin-kdepim
  - KDE plugin for opensync
p   opensync-plugin-palm
  - Opensync Palm plugin
p   opensync-plugin-palm-dev
  - Opensync Palm plugin (Development files)
p   opensync-plugin-sunbird
  - Opensync Mozilla Calendar(Sunbird) plugin
p   opensync-plugin-syncml
  - Opensync SyncML plugin
p   opensyncutils
  - Command line utilities for libopensync
p   python-opensync
  - Python bindings to the opensync synchronisation engine
v   python2.4-opensync                                                    -

Seems that OpenSync is capable of multi-system syncing.. including
GMail, Sunbird and so on.. Maybe somehow also outlook.. you have to


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