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Re: resize2fs on LVM2 on hardware RAID5

Hmm, so that means I am stuck... The system was installed from a (modified for 3Ware card + LVM support) Sarge install CD which means 1.37 for e2fsprogs (I checked). So this means the -O option wasn't used...
Damn.. this will mean I will have to recreate all filesystems on the box... That's going to be some downtime somewhere...
There is no alternative? No way to 'migrate' this fs to work with resizing?

> # resize2fs -f /dev/vg00/vartest
> resize2fs 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
> Filesystem at /dev/vg00/vartest is mounted on /vartest; on-line
> resizing required
> old desc_blocks = 1, new_desc_blocks = 1
> resize2fs: Kernel does not support online resizing

I did some more poking
around. /usr/share/doc/e2fsprogs/REALEASE-NOTES.gz referes to debian
bug #380548. In there is mention of whether the filesystem was created
with the -O resize_inode option or not. Apparently this became default
in e2fsprogs 1.39. If you used a default mke2fs prior to that youmay
not have that option in the filesystem which may be causing the
problem. Looks like you might need to mirror the fs somewhere else
while you get it redone.


> On 1/31/07, Pim Bliek < pim.bliek@gmail.com> wrote:
> >Ehm thanx for all the comments guys. I appreciate it, but I am not
> >willing nor in the situation to migrate to another fs format. Also,
> >somehow these kind of questions always seem to start a discussion on
> >'what fs is best'... as boring as a vi vs. emacs discussion (it is vi,
> >so quit whining :P).
> >
> >Anyway, I will create a bogus partition and try the -f option...
> >Sounds dangerous and not a good move but heck I can try.
> >
> >Anyone any other options on this? Does anyone know what module I can
> >load to make this work? Or do I have to compile a custom kernel? What
> >settings do I need set? Patches?
> >
> >Pim
> >
> >On 1/31/07, Raymond A. Meijer < rmeijer@internet.gr> wrote:
> >> On Tue 30 Jan 2007, Pim Bliek wrote:
> >>
> >> > So... what is the trick to make this work? I cannot find it.
> >>
> >> The trick, though it may not be of much help to you now, is to use
> >ReiserFS
> >> instead...
> >>
> >> I've been using this feature of ReiserFS for years and it has never
> >failed.
> >>
> >>
> >> Ray
> >>
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