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Re: resize2fs on LVM2 on hardware RAID5

On Thursday 01 February 2007 10:57, Pim Bliek wrote:
>  Hmm, so that means I am stuck... The system was installed from a
> (modified for 3Ware card + LVM support) Sarge install CD which means
> 1.37 for e2fsprogs (I checked). So this means the -O option wasn't
> used...
> Damn.. this will mean I will have to recreate all filesystems on the
> box... That's going to be some downtime somewhere...

Just a thought - its what I've done, since /var is in my route partition 
which is NOT lvm (although the rest is).

Pick some subdirectory of /var thats not essential for the real time 
operation (I used /var/cache) and make a lvm logical volume for it.  
Then mount it at some other place, mv the data across, and then umount 
it and remount it on /var/cache.  I got back about 1.9G of space for 
the rest of /var by that mechanism.

Alan Chandler

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