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Re: Free me from the pain of NFS!

Tyler MacDonald wrote:
Hello everybody,

	I currently have several NFS mounts to share my media between my
PVR, my workstation, and my neighbour's workstation downstairs.

	The problem is, a lot of the time the mounts are not loaded on boot
for some reason or another (eg; in the case of a power outage, all computers
come back up at the same time, but they don't all take the same amount of
time to boot... so one will try to mount the NFS shares before the other is
serving them, etc.)

	Also, sometimes after one system reboots, the other system starts
complaining about "stale NFS filehandle"s and does not re-mount the

	What I really want, is to be able to define shares in /etc/fstab,
and have the system keep trying to re-mount them if they ever become
unavailable... Is there any way to improve the reliability/availability of
NFS mounts? Or is there something else I should be using?


Have you experimented with the hard, soft, intr and timeo options? See the nfs and mount man pages for details.

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