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Re: thank you

moggy wrote:
> firstly i'd like to say thanks to you who got back to me on this
> problem...
> the disk i have is a live knoppix disk that came with debian "sarge"
> which is as kent had suggested it was... i863 or somthing like that, i
> cant remember without looking... i did what was suggested with the
> resolution, but alas, all i got was a screen with some multi coloured
> lines running across the screen sometimes at a slant (much like the
> loading screen when the tape was loading up on an amstrad lol)
> i shall take a look at the read me file and see what that says, should
> have thought of that first, oops and will let you kind people know how
> i get on, or if im still stuck, again thanks for the info :-)
I don't recall what kind of machine or vidcard you have, but for a few
years there recently Dell was shipping BIOSes that only allocated 1MB
RAM to the integrated video system. If you have an integrated video
system, you might jump into the computer's BIOS and see if there's any
tweaking you can do there.

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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