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Re: Debian Etch RC1 installation problem(tcpd package)

David Shultz wrote the following on 30.01.2007 18:52:

> I was trying to install Debian Etch RC1(x86 version) using
> netinstaller.   It downloads all the packages successfully
> but while installing one of those packages my computer
> hangs for   indefinite amount of time. It   displays the
> following at that time:
> Installing tcpd(displayed at top of screen)
> a progress bar and
> installed openbsd-inetd(displayed bottom of the bar)
> Is there anything i can do to fix this problem? Can anyone
> kindly help me to find out what is causing this problem?
> Thanks.

While in d-i you can always switch to the "loging console" with ALT+F4.
There it should be more verbose about what´s going on.

...and while we are at this, RC 2 is on the way (no releas date announced yet

bye Thilo

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