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Re: Please stop using Horrendous Coloring (or coloring period)

> Francisco Zabala wrote:
> ...
> >
> > Couldn't imagine how simple coloring would generate so much
> > hatred (with so much passion).
> To help your weak imagination, consider this possible explanation:
> Because the message sender effectively reached into Greg's
> computer and rudely told the his mail reader to ignore his
> preferred foreground and background colors and size for text,
> especially because one overriding color was so highly saturated.
> Daniel

Daniel, I feel so enlightened now! I must thank you for helping my
imagination become stronger. Please, any comments (such as the one
above) that you feel beneficial for ALL Debian users who read this
list, please feel free (and encouraged) to submit them to the whole
list (as opposed to the individual user), as I am certain we can all
benefit from it.

I am sure that the original owner (Greg) of this conversation
appreciates you coming into his rescue as well. In sum, thank you for
appearing on this day; as people usually say:

--"better [unreasonably] late, than never"

I'm REALLY thankful that I use an email reader that someone can't do
that to!  Wow!  Nothing like coming to the party late.


Raquel, don't even sweat it (not worth it at all :-)  ).



GIT - Guru-In-Training
Debian (Etch)

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