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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Mailing List Netiquette

Andrei Popescu wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 09:51:57 -0700
> Paul Scott <paslist@ultrasw.com> wrote:
>> Learning to quote should include trimming from the quote all the
>> material that is not relevant to your answer.  We probably have
>> already read the OP's post and don't need to see it again and again.
> I replied immediately, my message should have been (one of) the
> first, and the amount of text was not *that* big to trim.

That assumes that nothing (bad mail2news propagation, antispam measures,
mail filter rules, etc) has caused delivery to fail, and that email and
news propagate instantaneously and the same speed through all sites.  This
is far from a guarantee:  Assuming 4 days delivery time unless otherwise
bounced or responded to is generally a safe assumption.

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