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RE: Adding a new HDD - how do I move /var/lib/mysql ?

Install new hard driver.

Create a partition
Fdisk /dev/hdx
Add to fstab
As /dev/hdx /mnt/hdx 
Format it
Mkfs /dev/hdx
Mount /dev/hdx
Stop mysql
Mv /var/lib/mysql /mnt/hdx
Link it over
Ln -s /var/lib/mysql /mnt/hdx/mysql
Start mysql

Means you can move other things into it if you run out of space again.

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> Sent: 10 January 2007 19:32
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> Subject: Adding a new HDD - how do I move /var/lib/mysql ?
> I currently have a server with an 80GB hdd which is running out of
> space very quickly. I want to now add a 250GB hdd in addition to the
> 80GB one and move my mysql data to this new 250GB drive.
> I am running mysql-5.0.30 on Etch which was installed via apt-get so
> there has been no modifications made to mysql whatsoever. How do I now
> move my mysql server to store files on the new hard drive instead of
> the old one without having to mess around too much?
> Any help appreciated.
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