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Re: resolv.conf file is written over on reboot.

jdaues  writes:

> The etc/resolv.conf file is being written over when i reboot.
> I have setup for static ip address, NOT dhcp.  The outside word sees
> the static ip address, and inside on the NAT, each machine is
> 192.168.0.x. In KDE, System -> Networking, I set up the ip address,
> subnet mask, gateway address, DNS, Search domains. Host, Hostname and
> Domain. When I do a more /etc/resolv.conf, it looks good. When I
> restart, all the info I entered is gone.

> What is happening? How do I prevent this?

Different programs are able to change /etc/resolv.conf behind your
back. You need to tell those programs don't to change your resolv.conf

Try to install the resolvconf package and take a look at the


file. There is valuable information there.


-- Jhair

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