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Re: Alsa needs reconfiguration after every reboot

"Francisco Zabala" < zabala.f@gmail.com> wrote:
I have a similar problem.  After I restart my computer xmms says that
there isn't a soundcard. So:
1. I have to execute ./snddevices
2. Then, run alsa-config
3. Then run alsamixer (to unmute)

And then I have sound again.  Any suggestions to avoid having to go
through this process?

Hopefully this hasn't already been mentioned, but I had this problem
on my laptop.  The mixer settings were always fine, but I had to run
alsaconfig after every reboot.  I finally fixed the problem when I
started messing with the module parameters in /etc/modules (or maybe
it was /etc/modprobe.d/sound).  The problem seemed to be that
alsaconfig loaded the sound module with the correct parameters, but
did not write the parameters to the config file correctly.  So, on the
restart the sound didn't work.  If I remember right, I removed one of
the parameters from the config file and the problem was fixed.

I suppose this could be seen as an alsaconfig bug...?

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