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Re: wireless adapter/card recommendations?

On 1/9/07, celejar <celejar@gmail.com> wrote:


2) Madwifi [1] is terrific code, albeit unfree (it's in Debian
non-free). Cards that claim support for 108 Mbps probably use Atheros
chips that are supported by Madwifi, since 108 is a proprietary
Atheros extension to the 802.11g standard (you don't have to enable
108 [Turbo], of course]. I believe something similar holds for 125
Mbps and Broadcom chipsets.


I should have warned that Madwifi only supports PCI / PCMCIA cards;
USB adapters aren't (yet?) supported. The USB chipsets apparently use
an entirely different architecture, and utilize a firmware, unlike the
PCI / PCMCIA chipsets.


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