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Re: [OT: of interest only to new Gmail users] Re: test message

On Sunday 07 January 2007 04:27, Andrei Popescu wrote:

> I think this gmail quirk should go to Raju's FAQ:
> Q: I posted from my gmail account, but I don't receive my own posts.
> But I receive other posts and even answers to my own posts.
> A: gmail will discard your own posts because they consider them to be a
> duplicate of the sent message (which is stored in the sent folder). The
> only way around this (if you still want to receive your mail through
> gmail) is to use a different server for sending, ex. your own ISP's
> smarthost. Just take care when configuring your mail client so that the
> correct address appears.

Sounds like an expensive solution to me. Is there no other simple hack?

The main advantage of gmail or any web based program is that the user will be 
able to access the email from anywhere on earth (as long as he has internet 
connection). If he has to use some other SMTP server, then it beats the 
purpose doesnt it?

Anyway, if no better solution comes up, then I will add this as suggested.


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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